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Tuesday, April 6

I have been investigating Personal Video Recoders(PVRs) recently. My interest grows every time I read American bloggers commenting on how good Tivo is, Its very strange that a while back Tivo were advertising a while back and making some head way and now there seems to have been a pull out from Britain, its not possible to get the Set Top Box and Sky have taken over the support for existing Tivo subscribers? Also Sky are heavily marketing their Sky Plus package which is the Satellite Decoder and a PVR in one. I read the business week article on News Corp's purchase of DirecTV. I'm not exactly sure what is Tivo's and DirecTV's relationship to each other. But it insuates that DirecTV will dump Tivo if a cheaper option comes along?

Googling for FreeView PVRs I found www.idtv.co.uk which has a list of Set Top Boxes including Freeview PVRs. I have been looking for PVR unattached to Cable or Satellite Network and this keeps a good list. Many of the PVRs are due out in Early 2004. I am looking forward to getting my hands on one. As their is a lot of decent output from the BBC and other Freeview channels, that I would like to see at my leisure.

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