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Monday, April 12

I bought a PVR at the weekend, a Pace Twin Digital TV Recorder from John Lewis along with an amplified aerial. Initally we weren't able to recieve any channels but after mounting the aerial high on the wall we were recieving a decent signal, channel 5 skips a bit but the rest of the channels play well. The box is easy to use, but unfortunately at the moment the Electronic Programme Guide only has Now and Next programmes although there is a 7 day guide which will be available in the future. Its already changing the way I watch television, if you want to get up and do something else you can come back to that point at any time, If you couldn't hear something or wanted to listen to it again and your watching it time shifted you can just rewind to that point. Theres a card slot for pay services like TopUpTV but I can see myself subscribing with their current selection of channels. At the moment I can't get Digital Teletext or BBCI but from reading the newsgroups this will be sorted with the next Software Update due out May. There have been a few bugs when I come back to the machine after leaving it recording the Sound has stopped working, switching it on and off again seems to solve it, and the video disappeared went blank when watching a recording but and pressing stop and play again seems to solve it. Hopefully these problems will be resolved in the May update. On the whole I am very happy so far with the box the hard disk only allows 10 hours but that can be replaced manually :)

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