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Thursday, November 20

After reading the article on how video conferencing will effect transport patterns I began thinking about how technology may reform public transformation immensely, I have become a regular train commute, and am impressed by the handset the conductors are equipped with, wireless devices that have timetables. calculate fares and even process credit/debit card transactions. But as I exit the station I am forced to give my ticket to a conductor to leave the platform, this is not an ideal solution. I believe tickets must be required for entry to the transport, but this would require reforming the whole ticket system quite a task.

As I passed the Bus stop today, I was ontime according to my mobile clock ( on an another note 3G mobile better have the ability to sync their clocks with a central timing device ), I was unsure if the bus had passed or was just about to come, I had noticed roadworks further back up the road so there was a good chance the bus had been delayed. In this time of wireless devices and RFID tags, why can't Bus Stops give dynamic readouts? The Bus can a have GPS device on board and calculate the time till the next stop is reached and transmit that to the solar powered bus stop. This doesn't make any allowance for Roadworks but whynot have a wireless device on the roadworks estimating the delay on vehicles? In this age of efficiency a little more investment in these technologies and we would reap the rewards

Update: Looks like its beginning

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