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Wednesday, September 17

Nildram BT/Yahoo

Charge £50 Free

Charge £22.99 £27
(Inc. VAT)

Items Req'd

Microfilter £5

Modem/Router ~£75

Network Cards £27

I have been looking at getting broadband in the flat, www.adslguide.org

Nildram are highly recommended, and their performance is rated higher than the BT Offering

I am tempted by the BT offer as all we initally have to pay for is the hardware, but we are also locked into a 12 month contract and with our current tenancy being 9 or is it 10 months?

Monthly Charge with Connection Fees

BT Contract (For 12 months no connection charge and free month ) £297

Nildram (9 months + Connection Charge) £257

So I suggest sticking with Nildram if we are only there for 9 months but if we stay there longer lets take advantage of the BT Yahoo deal.

There will be a delay in the fitting of broadband because our line will have to have to be unsplit as well

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