“If the world does not please you, you can change it.”
H.G Wells
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Sunday, September 7

Blogs are interesting in that you can share your thought with whoever wants to listen, and your writings remain up there indefinitly ( Do inactive blogs get removed? )

This was possible before with developing your own webpage but the blogging route is much easier and the inherent linking within Blogs adds so much to it.

I read an excellent passage from Les Miserables entitled Sweat of the Damned http://quote.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweat_of_the_Damned . It works well as a motivational piece

The amount of news I am able to examine has dramatically increased since using NewsIsFree. I now feel it needs to be organized more tightly.

I would like to create aggregate feeds for subject topics like vsbabu has done for Groove. Also a Aggregator that tells me how many new News Items there are like


Blogger's unreliability is frustrating ( I am currently typing into a text editor ). When I get a stable system I will look into getting a good blogging system set up.

I would like to learn more about RSS and RDF, I will eventually get the Internet Groupware book

Its funny as I'm coming to an end of my Uni Career, my understanding of University and what it requires and gives you is much clearer.

The important thing is learning from these experiences.

I need to be more focused in my goals. Concentrating on a maximum of two specific areas ( Not general but a well defined sub area where it is possible to rise )

This does not mean I will be leaving other things completely just keeping track of them.

The Healthcare Industry interests me and I believe by choosing a good area of it to work in I will be able to gain valuable experience ( Not solely follow the money attitude but that is of importance )

Where do you think you can gain skills that will be useful for the rest of your career?

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