“If the world does not please you, you can change it.”
H.G Wells
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Saturday, June 7

Interesting article on Green Computing
Using low cost Server Blades in Compact chassis

Looking at GNU Radio project
You can do Signal Processing on your PC. Would be good to see if I can get an Amatuer Radio setup working on a PC to demonstrate to Dad.

Update: Came across this last week again. I remembered reading about it but didn't remember I posted. Didn't really realise the possibilites it offers to create single devices that have the ability to operate on many bands. Salon have some good articles The second with David Reed presenting evidence that interference is a myth. This stuff blows my mind. I wonder if my dad was my age today what he would working on? Radio held a lifelong interest for him it was his Work and his Hobby, a passion I guess. I think he would find this stuff pretty mind blowing too.

posted by 12345 10:40 AM

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