“If the world does not please you, you can change it.”
H.G Wells
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Tuesday, May 18


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Tuesday, May 11

Scottish IT Medical Companies. I'm excited by the number of IT Companies in Scotland with Medical Products, Mysterian, Voxar, The Solution Works, VisionWare

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Monday, May 10

Apologies to Insect Life great Live Track played on CBC Radio 3 here Playing after Surfer Rosa, Lyrics seem to take a lot from Francis Black

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Listening to the Enlightenment Lectures, Adam Ferguson given by Prof. Ralf Dahrendorf he gave a Reith Lecture in the 70's, Come on BBC release your archive to the public.

These lectures remind me of the Royal Society Lecture I used to watch after Christmas, They were great programs which treated Kids as adults allowing them to participate in Science Experiements. They used to be on BBC2 but moved to Channel4 in the last few years. They would be great on the web for download. Broadband is going to change our Society

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Friday, May 7

Russell Tribunal is good to remember that the Injustices that are being published in this war

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Bertrand Russell Nobel Laureate you can listen to part of his speech online. This Moment on Radio 4 looks at the "Committee of 100". This is start of Activism or "Civil Disobedience" in the form we have today. Reading the Activism Chapter from Understanding Power, fascinating read. Chomsky comments on how Decentralised Movements are much harder to destroy. Reading No Logo and the way they used the internet in the organisation of their Activism Groups its a powerful thing. I believe that P2P as much as it allows the Government to organise its activities better. It can help these groups as well.

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Thursday, May 6

Watched some of the BookTV interview with Niall Ferguson, Very interesting also checked out C-SPAN Video Library Great Stuff. Plan to buy The House of Rothschild

Update: Bought, Its the original whole book, from Oxfam on Byres Road, best Charity and Second Hand Book shop I've seen

Searching for Rothschild, I found the Enlightenment Lectures intersting Stuff, The Adam Smith Lecture has the highest quality Real Video I've seen.
Don't know if Emma is related to the Rothschild family of the previous book. Dr Irwin Stelzer is Rupert Murdoch's right hand man, his speech is very interesting.

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The State of JAXB

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Tuesday, May 4

Hearing a lot of good stuff from ITConversations, Listening to Philip Greenspun. Its interesting to hear him talk about the Economics of courses at Universities. Looking forward to reading Software Engineering for Internet Applications

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Monday, May 3

Watched Obair La again last night, another high quality programme. Looking at Ian Campbell of South Uist and his life on the Island. It presents it in a balanced way, talking of being a fisherman and the young people leaving the Western Isles. Kudos to Parcas Media, you need to get some Web presence. They should consider doing a programme about Mysterian?

De an Gaidhlig airson "Weblog"?

aistridh - eader - lion

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